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  • High-precision honing tube
    High-precision honing tube High-precision honing tube is one type of steel tubes which goes through pressure finishing and honing process after dealing with cold drawn or hot rolling process. Base on metal characteristics of cold plasticity at room temperature condition, tube surface is usually pressed with rolling tool , making the surface layer happening metal plastic flow ,which greatly improves the performance .Honing tube is a bit more expensive than the ordinary seamless steel tube,but this steel pipe has better performance and precision.The Product performs Chinese national standard GB/T 3639-2009: Cold-drawn or cold-rolled precision seamless steel tubes, Which is modified in relation EN 10305-1:2002(Steel tubes for precision applications-Technical delivery conditions Part 1: Seamless cold drawn tubes).The product possesses strictly diameter accuracy, whose external diameter is measured with outside micrometer, inner diameter with inner scale. The tolerance range is H7~H9(Refer to the table).Inside and outside surface finish and straightness are both fine. Straightness range is 0.2 ~ 0.3 mm/m, inner-hole roughness range is 0.2 ~ 0.8 μm, wall thickness difference is ± 5%.Technical parameters(GB/T 3639-2009(MOD EN 10305-1:2002))Our company’s high-precision honing tube can be customized in steel grades and sizes. Existing products‘ outside diameter range is Φ60mm~Φ299mm,length less than 13m, and materials cover 20#、45#、16Mn、25Mn and high strength low alloy cold drawn tubes and honing tubes.The standard grade table of seamless steelHigh-precision honing tube is one of precision steel tubes dealing with cold drawn or hot rolling process. Advantages include:1) The product has manyhighlights, like owning inside and outside wall without oxidation layer, bearing high pressure without leakage, being known for high precision, high finish, cold bending without deformation, flaring and flattening without cracks, etc. It mainly used for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder tubes.2) The product adopts Rolling forming technology. And Surface layer has high fatigue strength with residual compressive stress, forming the sclerotic layer. Wear resistance, corrosion resistance and fit quality are all increased, as well as surface roughness decreased, achieving two purposes of finishing and strengthen at the same time.The company provides diversified delivery conditions of products, such as Cold drawn and stress relieved (+ SR), annealed (+ A), normalized (+ N).When order product, customers need providing product name, steel grade, dimensions, quantity (weight/length), delivery condition, processing way, and special requirements, etc.Honing tube diameter tolerance

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